Custom Backing Tracks / Music from scratch

Hi my name is Nico, I'm owner and I'm committed to the creation of the most spectacular custom backing tracks in the world. Instead of talking about what I can do I would love you take a Listen to some demos bellow.

Custom Backing Tracks

Our custom backing tracks have proper ending and we'll give you a version with backing vocals and another version without backing vocals.

Atlanta Blue (The Statlers)

Baseball (Michael Franks)

Bright Lights (Mats Radberg)

Bubble Medley (Michael Bubble)

Everlasting arms (11th Hour)

Guess (Kyan Burns)

Kick ass Country (Robert Mizzell)

Little did I know (Jimmy Bucket)

Natural (LAB)

Smells like teen spirit (Paul Anka)

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Others Vs SuperBackings

There are several musicians with a home recording studios over there, now we want to show you what will happen if you hire a person with no experience in the custom backing tracks industry. Bellow is a list with the original song, then a backing track made by a newbie at the left and our custom backing tracks at the right.

One Step from heaven - Original song

Sweet Sue - Original song

True Love - Original song

One Step from heaven - Newby studios

Sweet Sue - Newby studios

True Love - Newby studios

One Step from heaven - SuperBackings

Sweet Sue - SuperBackings

True Love - SuperBackings

Arrangements for singers and composers

One of our main goals is orchestrate, mix and master original music from scratch. If you're a music composer let me show you what I can do for you. Listed bellow you'll find a list of songs, the original from the customer and our arrangement. Please take a listen, I can do the same for you.

Customer´s song 1

Customer´s song 2

Customer´s song 3

Customer´s song 4


Here you'll find the original provided by the customer, and our work over the songs. We onloy need a raugh recordsing from you to make an entire masterpiece. I would love to hear about your project, get in contact with me and lets see if we can make something together.

Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4